All opinions and views mentioned on As It Happens are my own (Morgan Fykes).  This site is my take on my hometown and the surrounding area and all the wonderful things it has to offer.  I have no intention to offend anyone with my option, I am just offering my humble take on it all.


I want to create a reliable and trustworthy source of city information for my readers and visitors.  I will never be paid to speak positively about something if I do not agree. I want you all to trust what I offer here, and that I do not want to sell you anything I do not use and love myself.  I believe in a relationship built on honesty and trust so I will be constructive in my opinions but if I really dislike a product, then I will say so. In some cases, if I really dislike them, I will likely choose not to feature them because I only want to feature items that I feel deserve to be shared.

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Collaborations, Speaking & Hosting Engagements

Morgan loves to collaborate with like-minded companies. Please contact us and describe what type of collaboration you have in mind. Morgan also loves to help, encourage, and teach others.  Morgan has been doing speaking engagements since her mother’s book tour in the 90s so please contact us about speaking engagements or hosting opportunities. Topics range from books and book clubs, blogging, style, social media, education, etc. Morgan will consider Sponsored Posts for products and businesses that fit into the content of one or both brands, companies they are curious to work with, or companies that want to sponsor their choice of content. Posts will be written by Morgan or other Happeners in their opinion and voice. Please contact Morgan if interested in a Sponsored Post. Sponsored posts will always be noted. Also any products which have been gifted or provided to As It Happens will also be noted in the post.  Please consider whether your product or company fits into the style of either site prior to submitting your product. Morgan will not accept any products or sponsored posts from companies that would not otherwise be posted about or be interested in. All opinions are written by Morgan unless otherwise noted.  DCFunemployment and AsItHappens are happy to do product reviews of like-minded products and companies in the fashion, art, gadget/technology, beauty, fitness, and food industries on approval basis only. Companies are welcome to send a sample of your product once approved. There is no guarantee that your items sent for review will end up on the website or discussed in social media. To purchase a Sponsored Post, please contact Morgan. Samples will not be returned for any reason. All gifted items will be disclosed.


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