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The Spark Planner

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Taken from TheSparkNotebook.com

Taken from TheSparkNotebook.com

It Started With a Kickstarter!

Back in November I found the Spark Planner on Kickstarter and it sounded like everything I needed in a planner.  I am a die harder planner user, my life would not function without it.  There are two that I would HIGHLY recommend and this is one of them!! It is a “proven planning system that is designed to help you accomplish everything you want in 2016 (and beyond!)”.  This seems like a big sell but from the day I got this planner, I knew it was true.

The planner has all the features you need to achieve from themes and goals to challenges and already I feel like this is one of my most productive and successful years yet and it’s only February! So if you’ve got big dreams that need to be broken into chewable bites, I would highly recommend getting the Spark Notebook to help get you there!!

I actually used to fight using a planner growing up because I didn’t think it was right for me.  Now I could not imagine life without it!! So hurry up and go get your own and tell me what you want to accomplish in 2016?? My theme for the year is Empowerment!! What’s yours??



The Specs (from their website): Cost – $35.00 – By popular request, we have created a 2016 Spark Planner that has the proven planning system from the Spark Notebook, dated and laid out just for 2016. The planner covers a full year and is entirely focused on your goals. It’s all the most tactical parts of the Spark Notebook bundled together to give you a full year of outstanding results. The Spark Planner will be available exclusively as a pre-order, and will ship in mid-January (if not sooner). Every Spark Planner features: 272 beautifully bound pages. 52 weeks of dated planning tools. Get a full year of productivity organized all in one place. Our most tactical layouts. We’ve cut out the journaling and notes pages from the Spark Notebook, so you get: Yearly Goals & Theme Achievement Tracker Monthly Overview Monthly Goals 30 Day Challenge (one for each month) Weekly Goals Weekly Overview High quality, ink-proof, acid-free paper. Go ahead and use your fountain pens. This paper won’t bleed through, ever. Due to high demand we are completely sold out of 2016 Spark Planners. We won’t be printing anymore until this fall for the 2017 edition (they take several months to make due to the high quality binding and so wouldn’t be nearly as useful in the middle of the year). Thank you for your interest in the Spark Planner and be sure to sign up for our mailing list to reserve your copy for 2017!


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